Improve your Inference Skills

  • What's an Inference Question?

    The TOEFL Reading Section has 10 different question types. One of those questions is called the inference. In this question, you must make a logical conclusion about the information in the reading passage. Some students may be confused about what this question asks for or how it's different from another TOEFL question type such as the Fact/Detail Question. That's precisely why I've designed this course. I want students to understand this particular question and know how to get it right on the test!

  • Why is this course about just one question?

    Yes, this course is about only one question type on the TOEFL Reading section. However, when you study one question in depth, you will understand how standardized tests (like the TOEFL) work. In studying one question, you will see how the test questions are designed. You'll see what the common traps are. You'll notice that within the answer choices there is information that is purposefully meant to distract you from the correct answer choice. You'll learn how to eliminate the wrong answer choices and select the best choice. This knowledge is valuable because not only will it help you select the correct answer to an Inference question, but it will help you to answer test questions in general.

  • In this course you'll learn:

    *What an Inference Question is *What the Inference Question looks like on the TOEFL test *Strategies on how to answer this question correctly *How to eliminate incorrect answer choices *How to improve your inferencing skills with two reading passages and 14 practice inference questions

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