• This course is for you if

    you have trouble understanding the main idea of long, complicated reading passages. You get frustrated or bored with reading. You want to improve your vocabulary but have no idea where to begin. You would rather do anything but look at a reading passage and answer questions, but KNOW that it's a skillset you must master if you want to achieve your goals.

  • Improve Academic Reading Skills

    In this 4-week (12 hour) course, we will read advanced academic texts that are designed to challenge your reading skills. We will learn new vocabulary, answer comprehension questions and learn to summarize passages. We will meet twice a week live online. Classes are 1.5 hours long. (If you can't make our live session, it will be recorded and you can view it later.)

  • Read Well and Do Well on TOEFL or IELTS

    You may be preparing for a test and looking at difficult reading passages wondering how you will ever survive. In this course, you will become more comfortable with academic language and topics such as geology, history, paleontology and astronomy. When you get used to the new words and how to break down "difficult sentences" into easier pieces, you'll be better prepared for your test! We will even look at sample reading test questions.

  • You'll Be Fully Supported!

    I will conduct live classroom sessions via zoom so that we are connected. You will get the opportunity to ask questions and get answers. I'll also be giving homework assignments and conduct regular check-ins throughout the week so that you stay on track!

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Good reading skills aren't just for a test, but for life - as a student and beyond!

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